You Ring, We Bring! Meet RoadRunner by Dependable

Ever made an event and needed to deal with 5 different providers + make a last minute emergency run back to Brooklyn for one small-but-essential item?

Dependable’s benchmark for excellent service is based on your order fulfillment. If you’re not happy, neither are we. And so, we’ve decided to up your game by giving our loyal customers Dependable’s RoadRunner service for complete on-demand order fulfillment.


  1. Ask your salesperson for any item you need. Listed or not, we’ll get it to your kitchen when you need it.

  2. Looking for a product we don’t carry yet? Tell us what you want and we’ll bring in the new product for you. Pinky promise.

  3. For an event, order soup to nuts with your personal salesperson and feel confident knowing that you’ll have a fully stocked kitchen ready for your shabbaton, event, or party...wherever you are.

You might not believe us so here’s some examples of what we’ve done, and we’ll do for you too.

Two new items this month based on customer request are Gluten Free Cereals & Gluten Free Cookies.

You won’t hear “Cumbersome” here.

It was a Thursday right after Pesach, our orders succeeded demand for cucumbers that year. On Friday, we sent out a team of Dependables delivering crates of cucumbers across different locations and cities on erev Shabbos. Our dedicated team members would quip; “Nothing is cumbersome” ----- And yes, all our customers got the cucumbers they needed. Cool as a cucumber

Goodbye hassle, hello serenity :)

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