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Pesach is just around the corner...

Passover at Dependable starts way before any caterers even begin to plan their menus. By the time you start planning, we've been fully prepared for awhile.

We are your Passover Headquarters. While bakeries are putting out Hamantaschen, the Dependable Passover product line is fully stocked, with strict supervision and oversight. We are ready for anything!  Thanks for making us your all-in-one Passover Headquarters for the last few years. We look forward to providing you with all your upcoming Pesach provisions promptly and perfectly.   Plan your Passover event menus with Dependable’s all-new Passover items.  We are ready for Passover 2020. Are you?




4 Reasons Why Pesach Chefs keep ordering from Dependable

You’re in good company. With Dependable’s fully stocked soup-to-nuts inventory, we’ll ensure you have all your culinary needs and Pesach provisions right on time, every time. Our entire company is skilled at adapting to changing situations and is committed to assisting you in the event of an emergency.

You Have Our Support

In case of any emergencies, our sales reps are standing by with a listening ear, ready and able to assist. We will deliver to you day and night to get it right. We are dedicated to you, and we are prepared to handle

any situation.

Wow Your Guests Give your guests a gourmet top-notch experience with our delectable ingredients and Kosher L'Pesach items, helping you create a veritable feast.

Highest Standards of Kashrus

We have the highest level of Kashrus, with Mashgichim on site and all Passover items meticulously marked, separately labeled, and shrink wrapped. Your order is so organized, there won't be much for you to do. Except get cookin'.




Full Line-Up:

Stay tuned for more new and specialty Kosher for Pesach items.

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