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By Altie Seigel, Heart.Works

It was a festive atmosphere that we walked into at 25 Executive Ave in Edison, NJ on the 4th day of Chanukah. We were warmly welcomed into the Dependable party with drinks in our hands, made expertly by the drinkmasters using Giovanni-Chilla drink mixes. The tables were elegantly set with charcuterie boards laden with dried meats, pickles and brown mustard, and each plate featuring crispy nuggets with a drizzle atop a waffle. Delicious salads on each table was where the ‘let us serve you’ ended, and ‘help yourself’ began. A true cornucopia of a buffet waited eagerly to be eaten, with every dish imaginable: colorful sushi rolls, hot beef soup, crispy gnocchi, meat and chicken dishes, some delectable vegan options, and who could forget the crispy fried “Latkes”?

As we were filling up on drinks and food, along with great company, a game show was being set up in the other room. “The Live Game Show” was ready as employees took their seats, splitting into two teams straight down the aisle. Each team sent up one contestant, who competed in trivia questions about Dependable, such as “If such-and-such a situation happened, who would you call?”, or “What kind of truck would you need for such an order?” Contestants had fun challenging each other with who had more knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the company, with the winner of each round walking away with $10! Maybe it was the alcohol, but the game show sure did get rowdy. As outsiders, we were able to see the true camaraderie among the employees. One employee brought her baby boy to the party, with everyone, including the President Mr. Blau cooing over how cute he was. The genuine appreciation shown by management for all their staff was palpable, as shown not only by the words they gave in their speeches, but by the gifts and bonus checks they dispersed. The everyday relaxing and calm atmosphere felt at Dependable headquarters was amped up on this gorgeous sunny Chanukah day, making it a truly enjoyable experience. Executives and employees mixed as equals from the top management down to the bottom, intermingling, catching up, getting to know each other, and reinforcing the feeling of Family.

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