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Meet the Dependables: Doron Fishbaum

This month we meet salesman Doron Fishbaum. We caught up with him while solving yet another crisis, unfazed as ever.

Hi Doron! We’re impressed by the vast scope of Dependable’s services. What do you do at Dependable, and how do you deal with so many things happening at once? I do sales here at Dependable. I find that customers are easy to come by, once they know what we do. My role includes sourcing products, making sure everyone gets the right things, dealing with issues as they come up, when things go wrong (which they inevitably do). My week is spread out in different locations - Sundays I sit on the computer and do orders with customers. I usually spend Monday and Wednesday in Monsey and Monroe, Tuesday in the Five Towns, and Thursday’s a floater between Flatbush and Manhattan - but really, every day is unique. I use a lot of technology to help me deal with the craziness. I have lots of Excel sheets, and I use calendar, email, and reminder apps to constantly be on top of everything, making sure I don’t leave any stone unturned. It’s about figuring things out more than anything else. I always say that if you’re out there and you’re dedicated, you’ll find a way to satisfy the customer. Why is Dependable the best? Dependable has the most dedicated staff, on all fronts. The Management hires very well, and they put the best people in position to succeed. How lucky are you to work at Dependable and why? Very! They really let you do what you’re good at, and give you a lot of freedom to perform. For example, a customer calls me at 9PM, and orders close at 6. I can call the warehouse and find out if there’s room on the truck, or find another way to address the issue. With this autonomy, you can think on your feet and really take care of things. What is the craziest thing that ever happened to you at work? It’s always crazy! Every day is nuts. (laughs) The entire day is crazy, honestly. The whole day is nuts. Literally, every day there are 20 emergencies. And I solve most of them. I just had a customer that needed something at 3 in the morning, and I found a way. That’s why people come to Dependable! What does your ideal client look like? Anyone that needs a better product, and better service. When we take on a client, it’s almost like we become a partner in their business. You’re not just a sales rep - you’re actually one of their employees! You become part of the think tank. We’ll discuss recipes, strategy, how to improve their profit margins… We recommend solutions, and help create a more profitable business. Yesterday I spoke to a bagel store owner - he had a hard time streamlining services, and we worked out a way. Dependable doesn’t get any money for that! But the customers that want that come to us, and are loyal to us. What is your favorite product of Dependable’s and why? I always say we don’t sell products. We sell service. If a customer needs something from India or Japan, we’ll find a way to get it. We just started a new line from Chilla - super high-end gourmet beverages and dessert products, and customers are embracing it tremendously. It’s more about the customer than the product. It’s about taking care of them and making sure that we solve their issues. What do you do in your spare time? Spare time? I drive back from work! Kidding aside, I do a lot of barbecuing out in my backyard. I try to spend whatever time I can get with my family. I’m also very close with my community - I daven by Rabbi Eichenstein, in Marine Park. Name one thing on your bucket list. Well, professionally I would love to be able to train other salesmen. Shifting from actually doing it to teaching others how to relate to customers, and really understand them, would be incredibly rewarding. And my personal bucket list? I want to go skydiving! Thank you Doron! Sounds like you have your hands full… Stay tuned for the next glimpse into the World of Dependable!

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