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Meet the Dependables: David Grunspan

Meet the guy that troubleshoots all snags and gets them straightened out, asap.

By Esther Novak Editor at Heart.Works

This month we chat with David Grunspan from the customer service department at his usual post on a Sunday afternoon.

Hi David! We’re impressed by the huge operation at Dependable, and one that always manages to attend to the small details. What do you do at Dependable, and how do you help keep the vast operations smooth and customer-centric?

Yes! It is big and small here. We’re turning over huge amounts of food every day, but it’s often the smallest details that our customers appreciate. I’m the interface between our customers and the Dependable team. I’m in touch with our sales team, purchasing dept., and our warehouse. My job is to make sure our customers always have what they need. It could be a timing question, a customer receiving a wrong item, or some last minute request.

What does your day look like?

I get in at 8 am and the first thing I do is check my email to see what’s going on. I’m looking for orders for customers and for COA’s (certificate of analysis) from vendors. Because I’m usually one of the first ones here, my next task is usually to unlock the doors and turn on the lights so that the office looks ready as employees and vendors arrive at our headquarters. Every day is different depending on where I’m needed but there are always lots of phone calls and emails between my colleagues and clients. Tuesdays are my busiest days because that’s the day my accounts receive their deliveries.

What makes Dependable special?

It’s a family oriented atmosphere here. Everyone is invited to your simcha. When my father A”H passed away, my colleagues showed up at the Shiva; and even though it was during our busiest season, all I heard was, “take the time you need” from management. They appreciate me and they also view me as a person, they care. Oh! And yeah, last but not least, Kosher food samples!

How is your current job different from previous work positions you’ve held?

I worked in lots of different food establishments and restaurants. I was taking on lots of roles and working overtime. But there was nowhere to grow. I’ve been here at Dependable now working normal hours, getting a chance to breathe, and there are many opportunities for growth here as well. Also, in my previous positions, I was an employee, and that was it. Here, if something happens to me, it happens to the company. It’s that kind of atmosphere here--a Dependable family.

How far do you go to serve a client?

Far…(chuckles). Sometimes, I’ll go out and personally deliver an item to a client. I’ve gone from Edison NJ, to Brooklyn, and then to Monsey to get needed items to specific clients. Basically, we’ll go far!

What is your favorite Dependable product?

We started carrying pretzel dogs--it’s like a frank in a blanket, but instead of pastry dough on the outside, it’s a soft pretzel dough. Those pretzel dogs are my favorite.

What do you do in your spare time?

Umm...I have three kids and my youngest is 7 months. Spare time (laughs), what’s that?

I do enjoy going out to eat with a bunch of friends to try out a new place. Other than that, life is busy between family and work. On Shabbos, I love to sit on my front porch with a cold drink. I enjoy a chance to disconnect and to take a breather.

So David, what’s on your bucket list?

I’d like to travel more when my kids are older. I’d like to explore new places, see more of the world.

Sounds like you have your hands full! Thank you David.

David’s all-time crowd-pleaser An old favorite a new way

The pretzel dog is a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel dough so it’s soft, chewy, and oh-so-delicious. At Dependable, we’re not just distributors, we are also foodies in tune with the textures and tastes your customers and students will love. Pretzel dogs are the perfect treat for schools and restaurants looking to add a highlight to their menu. It’s a comfort food that everyone will keep coming back for over and over.

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