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Glatt A La Carte

Glatt A La Carte opened its doors in 2000 with a vision. Brothers-in-Law Mr. Naiman and Mr. Goldberg aimed to recreate the quality of Manhattan's best restaurants in the heart of Brooklyn.

Together with their executive chef, Mark Green, they have done Brooklyn proud as its very first top-tier glatt kosher steakhouse for close to 20 years.

Today, Glatt A La Carte is known for its ambience of elegance and warmth. Their lunch menu and relaxed atmosphere attracts business people looking to close a deal, while their evenings are when tables are occupied by families and friends celebrating an occasion, relaxing, and just out enjoying each other’s company. Often, you can meet famous entertainers and musicians here too.

Watch How Dependable Partners take their Business to the Next Level

Three Ingredients for Success

THE CHEF Executive Chef Mark Green is a passionate chef. His menu is a fusion of tastes, flavors, and soul. He stays fresh and current by continuously experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. Every dish is prepared in house using seasonal ingredients so that the menu is as fresh as the seasons.

BEST QUALITY FOOD Glatt A La Carte invests in quality foods. As a longtime Dependable client, their orders are always varied, nuanced, and always using the highest grade products. According to Chef Green, the best dishes use the freshest and local ingredients.

INNOVATION Glatt A La Carte is never the same experience twice. Owners Naiman and Goldberg keep the ambiance fresh with periodic design upgrades like new chairs, a new exterior, or lighting; and Chefs Green and Davara keep the menu exciting with new tastes and twists. Lastly, the atmosphere is so loved, you never know who you might meet!

Fun Food Facts with Chef Green

What do you order every week from Dependable? We order all our dried goods, chilla mixes for our smoothies and drinks, and the best kosher tacos, the del campo. What's one of your most popular menu items? Hands down, our BBQ Beef Ribs with Honey Hickory Sauce. That sounds amazing. Would you share your recipe with us? Sure. It’s pretty simple, actually. Just follow my directions (recipe below) and be sure to let me know how yours comes out! What's your favorite Dependable ingredients?  Their condiments-BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc. are the highest quality we’ve ever found. I even use Dependable’s retail brand, Masbia, for condiments at home, they’re that good.  We also order an exclusive chocolate that Dependable provides for one of their soft chocolate cakes. It’s flown in to the States and Dependable takes care of that for us. What’s the secret sauce that keeps your decade long relationship with Dependable Food Corp. going strong? Everything at Dependable is top quality. Their ingredients are always quality, their service is great, their salesmen are great. My salesman calls me up to check on everything. They’re on time with deliveries and if an item is on backorder, they let me know. Over the years, they’ve improved a lot and today, Dependable is top notch. Try the delicious recipe for yourself! (Excuse me while I wipe some bbq sauce from my face.)


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