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"Feasture" on Bash Pizza

We are excited to welcome Bash Pizza to the Dependable family.

Bash Pizza is the newest kid on the block at the corner of Avenue J and Nostrand Avenue, the perfect spot for hungry Brooklyn College students and where people with discerning pizza palates go for lunch.

Bashful? Not quite!

With funky names like “Pink Panther”, “The Popeye” (spinach, anyone?), and “The Godfather”, Bash Pizza’s artisanal pizzas, pastas and salads, crafted with hand selected ingredients, has our full attention.

Not least is their amazing pricing--everything under $12 and bursting with intricate flavors.

Bash Pizza’s owners are no rookies to kosher restaurants and they know what it takes to create success. They are the proud owners of Dixie BBQ in Brooklyn and Fuego in Miami, and now Bash Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn.

We’re keeping an eye on this new kid. We think they’re going to be an unabashed-hands-down-go-to-pizzeria for some time to come.

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