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Sure, tips, techniques, and gadgets can help you in the kitchen, but the best kept chef secrets are high-quality frozen foods that are fresh, nutritious and flavorful. Dependable's frozen products are all of that, plus- the biggest plus of all- saves you time on preparation and clean up. Professional chefs know this secret and many cook with frozen ingredients or use ready made frozen products for their menus. For the hungry mouths who just can't wait. Dressed up or used as is, these delectable items can be eaten as snacks or whipped into a whole gourmet meal. Check out our extensive frozen categories below.


Full Line-Up:

Start off your day with waffles, pancakes, french toast or omelettes, maybe even Hash Browns & Diced Seasoned Potatoes. Frozen, made to order.  BREAKFAST SELL SHEET

With items like pizza pockets, cheese pretzels, pizza bagels, mozzarella sticks and cheese nuggets, how could you go wrong? For all pizza and dairy lovers out there.  PIZZA SELL SHEET

Oh the things you can do with frozen pizza dough. Also comes in gluten free! DOUGH SELL SHEET

Tilapia, sole, pollak, breaded fish and fish sticks, and who can forget the famous 'gefilte'? Fish is good for the brain, and good for you.  FISH SELL SHEET

Tortellini, ravioli, gnocchi, pierogies- these are not just Italian words. Everyone needs a little pasta in their life. In moderation.  PASTA SELL SHEET

Ah, the famous Jewish 'blintzes': cheese, potato, mushroom, vegetable, cabbage, mock liver. And don't forget the kineshes.  BLINTZES SELL SHEET

Potato, sweet lukshen, Yerushalmi kugels, kishkes, latkes, eggrolls and breaded eggplant; these are a few of my favorite foods.  KUGEL SELL SHEET

Decadent roasts, tender chicken, imported beef and sliced deli, WOW your guests with Dependable's mouth-watering meat category.  BUKER TOV SELL SHEET

Mini eggrolls, knishes, bourekas, cigars, empanadas; pancakes and french toast sticks, eggplant fries and falafel; what a delicious (mini) party it will be.  HOR D'OEUVRES SELL SHEET

Cookies, muffins, rugelach and brownie bars... want to 'WOW' your crowd with fresh bakes goods without the mess and prep? Choose Dependable! Et Voila, you're a Master Baker.  BATTER SELL SHEET


We're always just a phone call away... 718-435-4500

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