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A Giovanni Chilla Day

From Dusk to Dawn

Dependable, the people who show up every day--found a partner in Giovanni Chilla, the company who serves the people from dawn to dusk. We collaborated with Bash pizza, Sesame, and Pescada to show you a sprinkling of the endless possibilities where Giovanni Chilla turns a moment into an occasion.

We’ve got you covered from dawn to dusk:

  • Pre morning joe

  • The coffee run & Ice cream just because

  • The business brunch Lunch meeting

  • Frappe field day

  • Date over dessert

  • The cocktail celebration

Giovanni Chilla is a leading manufacturer of gourmet beverages and has an irresistible line of quality and innovative products.

Its lineup of flavors spans the gamut of blended ice coffees, fruit smoothies, hot chocolates, hot chocolate sticks, teas, cocktail and coffee syrups, gourmet sauces, coffee and milkshake mixes and baking products. As a supplier to vast franchises nationwide, Chillaʼs trend-setting products are available throughout the café market.

Giovanni Chilla also offers full training for product prep so your staff can whip up creamy cappuccinos and cocktail magic any time.

Meet Motty Klein the only man you’ll ever need to know to get started with Giovanni Chilla. He will help you decide and order the perfect products for your space and clientele. Plus, he’ll answer every question you have and stick around to give your staff the most clear and specific Mixology Training they’ll ever get. He’ll teach them everything they need to know about Giovanni Chilla products and recipes until they know it cold (or hot or whipped).


Giovanni Chilla, Happiness served.

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